Vincinni brand is produced by Makprogres Ltd which is a successful, modern and customer-oriented company located in the Eastern part of Macedonia. From small family business founded in 1990, Makprogres grow up into one of the leading confectionary producers in Southeast Europe with export in more than 55 countries. Makprogres is a Corporate operating in different sectors like Food industry, Hospitality, Retail distribution and Packaging production.

Their core business is in Food industry, especially sweet snacks, cookies and cakes. Lately the company entered also in the healthy food segment. Makprogres is one of the biggest food companies in the Balkan Area, with more than 750 employees.

The complete production is in compliance with HACCP, HALAL and with ISO9001:2008 QMS. All raw materials and final products are controlled on regular basis in authorized quality control laboratories.

Makprogress enrich life of the people with flavor and quality. With perfect balance of tradition, quality recipes and cutting-edge technology they contribute to a better life for the individual, local community and society as a whole.

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