Union cosmetic

Union Cosmetic sro was founded in Prague in 2002. Due to the company’s long-term intention to become one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics on the Czech market, it purchased its own production plant in 2003. It is located in a picturesque landscape in Třebechovice pod Orebem. It was here that we managed to find ideal conditions for the production of our own cosmetics. 

Initially, the production program was based on Lilien  and Naturalis hair, bath and body cosmetics  . Based on improving technological possibilities, the product range has expanded over time, especially with new products from the household chemicals segment under the Twister brand . The expansion of Union Cosmetic’s activities led to the establishment of distribution companies in Slovakia and Poland.

We strive to strengthen our market position by constantly monitoring the latest trends, flexible product innovation, high quality, attractive design and reasonable price. Our goal is to produce quality products at reasonable prices.

Our products have become part of the range of most wholesale and retail distributors and chains. Due to the high quality of our products, design and flexibility of the company’s individual workplaces, we have also withstood a number of tenders for the production of private labels.

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