Starting Out A Business

The saying goes, “it takes money to make money”. If only this saying were easy for all of us.

So how does one go about making money without having money? In my case, it took me many years working hard for other companies to have enough money to start to venture out on my own to take the leap of faith to start IDEALLY GLOBAL and risk to be able to survive through the year without relying on a salary.

The time comes in anyone’s life when they need to decide on whether to follow their dreams, and that came for me at the age of 30 when I decided to start my own business, namely IDEALLY GLOBAL.

Slowly but surely overtime over many years, the money started to trickle into the extent that I was not precisely without worry. Still, I was able to start supporting myself without having to continue to dig into savings continuously that I had tried to live off during the lean months while still building the business. Like any business to get up and running, it took about 5 years until I started to feel a little more comfortable. Luckily with the support of amazing suppliers with quality brands as well as excellent distributors, the hard work and discipline started paying off to start having a level of comfort.

It was an easy decision to make to start my own business as it was always a dream, but it was not an easy decision to leave the comfort of a secure or semi-secure job; however, I guess what job is secure nowadays in the current climate. I took the risk, and I took the gamble and year after year, things started getting better. Thankfully today, times are better however, not without worry, as any person owning a business will say. Any advice I have for anyone starting their own business is -never get too comfortable, never get complacent, keep believing in yourself as so many days you will want to pack it all in, maintain discipline, and so important is always to save money aside -you never know when you will need it. Business is up and down, and there are always unforeseen expenses coming one way….”

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Over the years MR Anton Kangisher and Ideally Global have sourced many brands as can be seen from our website. Mr Anton Kangisher has personally taken many years and hours to sort through a wide array of brands that he has felt would be suitable and unique for International Distribution.

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It has been a wonderful opportunity to showcase international brands to the world and hopefully enhance the distributors portfolios with such brands. Ideally Global and Mr Anton Kangisher has the true aim to always offer something for someone or something for everyone-thus having sourced a complete range from various categories related to products being sold in the supermarkets and pharmacies internationally.

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