SHeese products produced by Bute Island Foods HAVE BEEN passionate about vegan foods for 30 years and continue over the years to continue delivering the highest quality dairy, gluten and animal free vegan foods.

One of the most common reasons people have for not ditching dairy used to be that there wasn’t a decent dairy free alternative that really tasted like cheese. Now sheese can tell them: you really don’t have to miss out any more thanks to their award winning vegan range Sheese.  You can rest assured in the knowledge that sheese ethically-sourced ingredients adhere to our the values of being dairy-free, animal-free, mostly certified Kosher and made exclusively with ingredients sourced as non-GMO.

Sheese are making inclusive food, so people can enjoy what really matters to them.

Sheese support healthy diets and lifestyles.

Sheese are helping people lower their carbon footprint and protect the environment in turn.

Sheese are dedicated to animal free, ethical food production processes.

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