Mackie’s of Scotland Crisps

Mackie’s Crisps are the creation of our award winning family business – Mackie’s at Taypack Ltd. – which we founded in 2009 as a jount venture between Pertshire Potato Farmers, the Taylor Family, and Mackie’s of Scotland, renowned for their luxury ice cream.

The Taylor family are experts in potato production and sourcing: they’ve been growing potatoes in Perthshire for several generations. The Mackie’s have over 20 years’ experience in producing indulgent ice cream from their farm in Aberdeenshire. Together we have focused our expertise to create our range of Mackie’s Potato Crisps, which are now available in around 20 countries around the world.

As our company carries on growing we remain committed to our family values and we continue to place heritage and provenance at the heart of everything we do. Our crisps are made in Perthshire, at a production site just a few miles from the Taylor’s family farm, ‘Moncur’, and rest assured we manage the full crisp making process “from plough to pack”.