Indi Drinks

For hundreds of years the aromatic herbs, lemons and oranges, for which the area around Sevilla has become famous, have been dried and used for medicinal and culinary purposes.


Mix these traditions with the arrival of exotic ingredients such as quinine and vanilla, from the West Indies in the 16th century and a whole new way of mixing, blending and distilling the best of the Mediterranean and Caribbean started to develop.

The Botanicals

Indeed the Municipal Archive in Cádiz has records dating back to the 17th century describing the distilling of different botanical plants, like quinine and citrus fruits.

INDI & Co. Handcrafted Organic Drinks is the culmination of years of knowledge and experimentation into the ways in which the many Mediterranean and Oriental plants available can be macerated and distilled to extract the purest and most intense aromas and flavours.

THEY use traditional methods of maceration, fermentation and distillation from the very best ingredients which our team carefully selects in THEIR home country of Spain, the West Indies and the East. 

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