Gudobele opened their first bakery 1994.From the very first day, their goal has been to recreate taste that’s real and natural the authentic  of our childhood. Their recipes, handed down by our mothers and grandmothers, have been refined by time. They never stop thinking of new ways to make every little wonder we bake better than the last. In 2011, they created their Bon Chance bread crisps. In 2012 IT was an instant hit with their Bon Crisp flat bread. That same year, they began to export their authentic taste around the world. “BON CHANCE” BREAD CRISPS ARE MADE FROM THE BEST RYE-WHEAT LITHUANIAN BREAD: PRESENTED IN A NEW, MORE ATTRACTIVE SHAPE, BAKED IN A SPECIAL WAY, SLICED IN THIN SLICES, FRIED AND SEASONED WITH 11 DIFFERENT MIXES OF SEASONINGS. PACKED IN PROTECTIVE ATMOSPHERE.

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