Gas Familia

Gas Familia Ltd. was founded in 1994. Its headquarters is situated under the majestic mountains, the High Tatras in the heart of Europe. In this very special area lies the town from 13th century called Stará Ľubovňa which is well known for its tradition of production of quality and variety of alcoholic beverages. Company Gas Familia Ltd. followed up this rich tradition. It has been producing drinks for 18 years. These drinks flatter all senses and satisfy also the most discerning consumer.

Today’s modern plant Gas Familia Ltd. produces a full range of several tenths of different types of alcoholic drinks and covers almost each of common and desired types of alcohol. Among the most successful and most popular belongs the collection of products GORAL and SPIŠ ORIGINAL. The high quality of these brands is yearly appreciated and crowned by many awards and gold medals from all around the world.

The unique taste and quality contained in any of a wide range of beverages is subject to the use of superior materials. Their choice do not involves any compromises. Team of company experts and specialists acts up to the rule that only from the best raw materials may arise to exceptional product. The development of new products has been, for many years, focused on the use of pure natural products and traditional practices with maximum conservation of used materials.

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