Galafarm is a private company, the main activity of which is manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. With about 30 years of experience we design, develop, manufacture and package full range of liquid and semi-solid dosage forms. THEIR manufacturing site is on three levels with area of 2500 m2, designed, built and equipped in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Manufacturing operations are carried out in clean room environment under automatically controlled temperature, humidity and overpressure with minimum 20 air exchanges per hour. Since the beggining of 2019 THEIR main focus is extraction of CBD & THC by alcohol extraction method. After obtaining licence we have developed our CBD collection of products Canabigal and THEY are actively looking for partners which need THIR extraction services and white label products.

THEIR Vision:

Successful and recognizable extraction company for CBD & THC extracts

White label manufacture of CBD & THC containing products

Supplier of high quality products & services

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