High quality production process is based on technologically precise steps – from careful selection of fruits and vegetables, thorough washing and mashing, cold-pressing to pasteurization and bottling while maintaining strict hygienic conditions.

FRUXI FRESH is a 100% fruit (veggie) cold-pressed preservative free juice, does not contain artificial colors, with no added water or sugars. Such attributes and production process bring it to the top in its product segment. 

Just all-natural ingredients that offer a full serving of fruit and a minimum of daily-recommended allowance of vitamins. Essential for healthy lifestyle and strengthening of natural immunity. Suitable for kids and for adults as well.

Substitutes the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Does not burden organism and positively influences your mind.

Some interesting facts: we use around 16 apples to produce 1 litre of 100% FRUXI FRESH juice, or 7 oranges, 15 pears, 4 grapefruits, 9 beetroots, 20 carrots or 50 plums.

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