Ciga Healthcare

One of the UK’s leaders in rapid diagnostic tests including: Pregnancy, Diabetes & Cholesterol.

CIGA Healthcare is a fast growing dynamic company that specializes in the Rapid Self Test Health Diagnostics sector & is leading developments in the rapidly emerging Over the Counter (OTC) market. Established in 2005, the company has grown quickly & now supplies tests to retailers throughout the world. Growth of the Suresign® brand has allowed us to appoint distributors across Europe, the Far East & the Middle East who supply local retailers & pharmacies with a range of Self Testing products.

Suresign offers a range of products that can be used by customers from birth to 100 years old. Suresign products encourage customers to take prime responsibility for their wellbeing by monitoring not only their own health but also their family’s health on a regular basis.

Diagnostic Self Tests allow customers to ensure that many potential health problems are identified as early as possible and are treated quickly to avoid long term problems.

Sourcing tests and equipment range from fertility to heart health to blood pressure monitoring. New products are added to the range on a regular basis as demands from the market are identified. 

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